We are thankful for the support we have received by the City of Miami and our Kickstarter Contributors. Bravo! And thank you for helping us create something for you and the community!

Individual Supporters:
Danilo and Diana Portal, Juan G. Andreu, Danilo Portal, Jr., Jessenia Rodriguez, Erin Craig, Monica Del Rosario, Lina Pinzon, Ivonne Labrada-Leichtling, Madelyn Alfonso, Renee & Manuel Gomez, Joanna Raymond, Sandra & Jorge Hernandez, Livia Echevarria, Nicole Jacobs, Jessica & Frank Jimenez, Maria Zelaya Aguiar, LittleMe Preschool, Alfredo & Diana Portal, Alex & Maritere Mendez, Danella Bedford, Valerie Portal, Eduardo & Marla Portal, Kristina & Armando Diaz, Stephen Goodrich, J’Nay Butler, Liza & David Carmona, J’nay Butler, Stephen Goodrich, Ricardo Montealegre, Jenny & Pablo Longa, Danielle Kipnis/Nazmo Dance Collective, Gina & Ernesto Pelaez, Galen Treuer, Melissa Martinez, Diego Salterini, Dale Andree, Matt W., and Edibis Nasello.
Our Community Partners:
New World School of the Arts, Fuzion Dance Artists, DanceNow! Miami, Pioneer Winter Collective, Thomas Armour Youth Ballet, Miami Light Project, and Compositum Musicae Novae.

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